The Neighbourhood Plan starts blogging!

Last Survey of the Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan!

The Steering Group are pleased to announce that the paper version of the survey aimed at residents of the Sid Valley, Sidmouth, Sidford, Sidbury and Salcombe Regis will be delivered on 2nd June. Residents have until the 30th June to complete the survey, All dropping off points for completed surveys are listed on the survey itself.

This survey is the result of 12 months of research by the Steering Group which included workshops, fact-finding events and an in- depth Place Analysis by professional consultants, Creating Excellence.


This last survey includes a Housing Needs Section where we invite residents to comment on the type and numbers of Housing that may be required over the next fifteen years and where that housing might be built.
A further section asks residents what they would like to see in any re- development of Port Royal (Eastern Town) which is currently the subject of a Scoping Study led by Sidmouth Town Council and East Devon District Council. Residents are also invited to comment on both our built and natural environment, transport, parking, cycle ways and work opportunities for our young people.

We sincerely hope that you will take the time to sit down with your family and complete the survey which takes about 15 minutes. Most questions are simple tick boxes with just a couple of questions where we invite residents to make written suggestions.

Thank you.

Deirdre Hounsom

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