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Is the Sid Valley an Exceptional Place to Live?

Now that all households in the Sid Valley have received the second and final Resident Survey of the Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan, this week on this website and in the Sidmouth Herald, the focus is on the built environment and natural surroundings which attract people to visit, live and work here.

Here is the link to the survey if you would prefer to complete it online…

Our consultations over the past year confirm that residents cherish the special nature of the Sid Valley and we hope that the planning policies in the Neighbourhood Plan will protect our unique towns, villages and countryside while keeping pace with changing life styles and innovative ways of working. We know that residents are concerned about development within the Area of Natural Beauty (AONB) and everyone wants to protect our unique public open places such as the Byes, the Knowle, Blackmore and Connaught Gardens.

One of the questions in the current survey asks if it’s important to retain the historic appearance and distinctiveness of the Sid Valley and whether the Neighbourhood Plan should produce specific design guidance for all future developments. We are also asking residents to comment on ‘settlement creep’ outside the Built-Up Area Boundaries where development should only be allowed in exceptional circumstances. ​​ We plan to develop Neighbourhood Plan policies of “brown field” sites first before approval of any new out-of-town applications. Please see the maps on this website for further guidance.

We need your views…

We want to hear about a range of issues affecting our natural environment, for example the loss of natural wildlife habitats, maintenance of the valley’s tree canopy, and minimising future light pollution.
We are asking for maximum community response to this final survey to help inform the evidence base on which we can build the policies of our Draft Plan.

The survey closes on 30th June 2017.

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