Young Peoples Survey

At the start of December the children of the Sid Valley had their say and shared their ideas by completing a survey that was designed by an advisory group of 7 to 18 year olds drawn from each of the four Sid Valley schools.

It is very important that their views are taken into consideration when bringing together The Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan which will influence how the Sid Valley is developed over the next 15 years or so.

  • Do they want a helipad for their drones?
  • A multi-purpose gaming shed along The Esplanade?
  • Or to keep things just as they are?
  • What do they think will be important to them as adults?
  • What ideas do they have that adults won’t think of?

Please download the full report here >>>

Sid Valley Youth Speaks Out

EastDevonJelly2Representatives from Sidmouth Primary School, St John’s International School and Sidmouth College met with Cllr Louise Cole and Deirdre Hounsom at a Sidmouth Business Cafe event at the Woodlands Hotel. Students put forward their views on their community as part of the creation of the Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan.