sid valley neighbourhood plan key themes

The Key Themes

We have consulted with the public and different sectors of the community and a wealth of information has emerged. As we move forward towards the completion of the plan, we hope that these themes will inter-connect to reflect the careful balance that our community requires to ensure that any new development is appropriate.

The evidence for the above potential theme areas was based on the results of over 1,000 individuals completing online and offline residents surveys, sent to all households in the Sid Valley in the Summer of 2016. Within the Valley there is a wealth of Special Interest Groups and business people who both live and work in the area and we thought it was essential to find out how they saw the Sid Valley developing over the next 15 years. Therefore, we decided to ask this group of people and found in general that their responses were like those of the residents.

Since this Plan, once it is ‘made’ will be the blueprint for development within the Valley for the next 15 years, it wasn’t surprising that we felt that the youth voice should be heard. In December 2016, assisted by all the schools in the Valley, we sent out surveys to all schoolchildren.

In January, we produced an event at Kennaway House, Sidmouth involving four facilitated sessions, run by Steering Group members and our consultants “Creating Excellence.” We based the day on the emerging policies as we needed to check that these were correct and understand that we had captured all relevant points.