sid valley neighbourhood plan michael

A Statutory Process

The Neighbourhood Planning process has a structure guided by the Department for Communities and Local Government which includes some compulsory steps which are managed by the local planning authority – in our case East Devon District Council.

We are now in the process of preparing the Neighbourhood Plan for the Sid Valley. When we have done this, the Local Planning Authority, in our case East Devon District Council, will organise both the independent examination of the plan and the community referendum that will be held to decide if the plan is brought into force.

The referendum is an important step, allowing those that live in the neighbourhood area to decide whether or not the Neighbourhood Plan comes into effect. When the time comes for the referendum the question that Sid Valley residents will be asked is;

Do you want East Devon District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for the Sid Valley to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?

Some of the above cannot be policies but we hope that they will become Community Actions led by committed groups who will take them forward.