sid valley neighbourhood plan full consultation

What’s the process?

NP Steps to Create

• Designating the Neighbourhood Area – in our case, the parishes of Sidmouth, Sidford, Sidbury and Salcombe Regis

• Establishing a steering group

• Reviewing and gathering evidence – looking at existing legislation, the Local Plan, Planning Regulations and surveys previously conducted in the community

• Consulting the community. We have conducted a survey of all households, a survey of Business and Special Interest Groups, a Young Peoples Survey, a public consultation event at Kennaway House and we are about to embark on a second household survey

• Developing aims and objectives – using the evidence we have gathered from the various consultations and other sources of information, including the East Devon Local Plan, the group is starting to develop outline objectives that may appear in the final Neighbourhood Plan. We will test these with residents in the forthcoming second household survey to ensure that what makes it through to the Neighbourhood Plan reflects the opinions of the majority of residents. Once we have analysed the results we can start to formulate the policies.

• Drafting the plan and 6-week consultation – once the plan is written we will make it available to residents during a statutory 6-week consultation period.

• Submission to Local Authority and a further 6-week consultation period

• Examination of the Plan will be carried out by an independent examiner appointed by East Devon District Council. The examiner checks the Plan against ‘Basic Conditions’ and produces a report

• Referendum – If the examination is successful, then EDDC will organise and pay for a referendum. If greater than 50% of voting electorate in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan it becomes adopted.